Make Invisible Names on Social media! Hangul Filler Unicode character u+3164 Copy Past

2 min readJan 2, 2022
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If we look into our keyboard, all the characters have their unique visible structure but what if say? there is a special character that is invisible by itself. It is called Hangul Filler and Unicode character u+3164. it is also known as hangul jungseong filler. The only way to use this character is just to copy and past it!

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What is Hangul Filler?


Hangul Filler is a Unicode character that acts as an Empty element in Korean’s Hangul script. It is mainly used in the Hangul script to stand for an empty element. In simple words, it is an alphabet used in the place of an absent element (empty element) in Korean’s Hangul Script.

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As it is an invisible character, We can use this Unicode u+3164 in Android Games like Among Us, Mini militia, Minecraft, Free Fire to make our name invisible. hangul filler copy, read on for details. secret websites

How to Make Invisible/Empty Titles In YouTube Video

If you see the above video on YouTube it has no title and you might think how it is possible? YouTube does not allow us to publish videos without titles. You might think! we can use the space to make the title invisible Right? Tab Groups

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